Binarium strategy Gap Trading

A gap is a price break due to a large volume. The main movements occur on the charts on business days, however, trends also continue to run continually at weekends.

Official Friday quotations may significantly change on Saturday and Sunday, which provides traders with an opportunity to make an easy profit on Monday.

Why Choose This Particular Strategy?

This trading binarium strategy is universal and enables you to make a profit in binary options with any assets, which is its main advantage. As we know, currency exchanges and stock exchanges are opened during business days only, which means the closing price on Friday may significantly change during the weekend and open with a big gap on Monday. Such rate breaks are called gaps and they quite often take place in exchange trade. They provide an opportunity to make a good profit at the very beginning of the trading week while preparing for the opening.

How Is the Gap Strategy Used in Trading?

If you have not used the candlestick chart view for the analysis before, make sure you activate it by choosing the relevant option in the menu bar:

You should open transactions in the direction of the gap which occurred during the weekend. The example presents a down gap, which means there are a lot of sellers on the market and you can proceed with opening a bear transaction:

Binarium Trading recomendations

  • Expiration: 15-30 minutes
  • Investment: 2% ะพั‚ of your deposit


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