The reversal binarium strategy in trading is carried out without any indicators. A trader must know how to analyse the candlestick chart and open transactions at the right time. During a trade session, the trend makes several reversals in both directions, which means the trader can make a significant profit by catching the right moment.

Why Choose This Particular Strategy?

The binarium strategy is simple enough. It allows you to spot trend reversals and, therefore, to make profitable decisions. As the strategy does not involve indicators and requires the analysis of the candlestick chart only, many traders consider it to be an advantage.

How Is the Reversal Strategy Used in Trading?

Make sure you activate the candlestick chart view before you start trading. To do so, just choose the relevant type of the chart:

A candlestick model with two, bullish and bearish, candles should be deemed as a reverse signal:

The main condition: the candles should be similar in size:

Their shadows should also be similar in size:

On the example, the bullish candle follows the bear candle, which means the trend is making a reversal upwards and you should buy a CALL option.

Trading recommendations

  • Chart time: 5 minutes
  • Expiration: 15-30 minutes
  • Investment: 2% of your deposit


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